Our philosophy:

The destiny of women is Love

The destiny of men is Freedom.

A woman gets love, only by becoming free, and a man finds freedom, only when he learns to love.

In the Academy of Relationships we start a way to a woman’s happiness from ourselves. We learn to feel, listen and hear, receive and give ourselves, love and be loved, create and preserve. We examine ourselves: taboos and fears, desires and dreams, we feel and listen to our body, as it keeps the memories of the past, including the negative ones, it also gives us freedom- the freedom of being yourself.

By creating authorship in life, we respond to these simple questions:

  • Who the woman is and how to be a woman- a true woman, not to seem being the one. How to radiate this energy in all areas of life.
  • How to love ourselves and not to waste our time?
  • How to meet and get to know our man?
  • How to become and be a wife?
  • How to build a relationship with your partner that way to be able to realize his needs as well as to learn his language of love?
  • How to be an unforgettable and always new for your loved one, to keep the tone, intrigue and dedication in the relationships?
  • How to achieve the desired results quickly and in a feminine way?

We combine modern discoveries in psychology in our work, mixing them with ancient sacred knowledge. While travelling to different countries where the wisdom of the ages is still kept, we collected precious skills and experience that work like magic.

Our training includes all that interests a woman, and it is divided into several areas in which you can select a topic and a format. Daily practices, evening club activities, field seminars, traveling to places of power, webinars will help you to find the opportunity to combine your internal development with work and family.


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